About Us

Fee ONLY Financial & Tax Service Firm
At Yube Financial Group, LLC, we offer the most comprehensive financial planning, asset Management, tax planning, and tax return preparation services. We are the "Fee-only" financial service company providing our clients with the highest quality of service for fee only and we do not sell any securities and insurance  products such as mutual funds and insurance policies to receive commissions from mutual fund companies and/or insurance companies.  As financial professionals, we believe that in order to best serve our clients to meet their needs and to help achieve their financial goals, we must not have any conflict of interest.  We will not be able to give the best advise for our clients, if we were selling securities and insurance products to be compensated by the institutions that provides them

Yube Wealth Management is a team of highly motivated individual s dedicated to the design, implementation and management of financial plans for individuals, small businesses, and other institutions
Our strength is generated from our commitment to our clients, our industry and our community.

Our Clients:  We are committed to providing our clients with innovative, value-added financial planning and asset management services.We endeavor to exceed our clients' expectations while dedication ourselves to
providing peace of mine. We value long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Industry:  We are committed to leading the financial planning and Investment industry through our integrity, innovation, client satisfaction and service; We will continue to maintain the trust of our
clients by engaging in full disclosure and accuracy obtained by the use of advanced technology and a systematic approach to building decision making models; We respect the account, legal, financial, insurance, securities,
and other related industries. who, in mutually profitable relationships, contribute greatly to our success.

Our Community:  We are committed to the enhancement of the communities of which we are a part, through education, and by our leadership and active participation in community affairs.