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Fee ONLY Services

Fee ONLY Means to You

image The key difference between a fee-only financial advisor and other types of planners is in how they get paid. A fee-only financial advisor is paid by their clients for the advice they give. This might come in a the form of a monthly fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of investments managed. But in all cases it is a direct relationship between the client and the planner. Other financial advisors are paid at least in part by the companies whose products they recommend. As an example, if you buy a mutual fund they suggest, a percentage of your investment will be paid to the advisor as a commission for selling that product to you. The same might be true of any stocks, insurance or other products you buy through your relationship with that advisor. It can sometimes be hard to figure out exactly how your financial advisor is paid, so if you are unsure the best thing you can do is ask them directly whether or not they are fee-only. If the answer is anything other than an immediate yes, you will know that at least some of their payment comes in the form of commissions.

What is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP®

Certified Equals Qualified

image Most people think all financial planners are "certified," but this is not true. Just about anyone can use the title "financial planner." Only those who have fulfilled CFP Board's rigorous requirements can call themselves a CFP® professional. CFP® professionals are held to strict ethical standards to ensure financial planning recommendations are in your best interest. What's more, a CFP® professional must acquire several years of experience related to delivering financial planning services to clients and pass the comprehensive CFP® Certification Exam before they can use the CFP® designation. Financial planning is a dynamic process. Your financial goals may evolve over the years due to shifts in your lifestyle or circumstances such as an inheritance, career change, marriage, house purchase or a growing family. As you begin to consider how best to manage your financial future, you should feel confident knowing that with a CFP® professional, you are receiving the highest standard of financial planning service.